Run 2107…Hare Sir Ferrett

Date: 19th March  2018……………………………
Location: Miami ……………………………………..
Run Pictures……………………………………………

We all knew it was going to be an auspicious occasion when we arrived to see the marquee set up with a long table and rows of chairs. Especially seeing Ferrett in his formal attire and top hat. The trailer was set up at the southern end of the car park at the Don McSween Park in Miami, just under the cliffs of the Lores Bonney Lookout. A sea breeze was keeping the temperature balmy, not too hot, in fact it could get cooler later.


At 6:15 the hare gathered everyone and gave run instructions. Walkers were told they could go south as far as they wanted and turn back. We set off along the Gold Coast Oceanway footpath to the steps up towards the Lores Bonney Lookout. A few hashers were already panting by the time they got to the bottom of the steps, and took one look up the steep steps, shook their heads and turned back, At the top of the steps were arrows pointing northwest, but I noticed almost every hasher was heading south down the grassy slopes towards North Burleigh. We continued along the concrete track, past North Burleigh Surf Club, and continued on the track for another ten minutes before turning back. Steps back down were certainly easier. The was a guy at the bottom with a large dog waiting for everyone to come down, however, there was a long stream of traffic, not only hashers, so he would be waiting a long time.


The hare was busy at a large pot, stirring the Minestrone soup, hashers came up to get served, added some grated cheese, and took a slice or two of garlic bread. Later the hare was rolling homemade burgers and placing them on the BBQ. With the burgers, the burger roll, pineapple slices, salad, cheese slices tomato, beetroot, the works. This was followed by fruit cake with sliced bananas in custard. Well done Ferrett.


After the tent, tables and chairs were put away, the GM call the circle.


Sir Rabbit played an entrance tribute song, Ferrett was called into the circle. GM was dressed in his high priest robes with a long sword in hand. GM called in all the Sirs to form a circle honour guard. Sirs Two Dogs, Prince Valiant, Slab, Botcho, Blackie. Each Sir said a few words about Ferrett. Ferrett then got down on one knee and was knighted as Sir Ferrett. Sir Prince, who was the first Sir, gave a note. Sir Ferrett was given a special goblet and a jacket and got a second down down. Josephine, who is next in line to be a Sir, gave a note.


Caustic was brought in for dobbing those with hats on in the circle, and got a down down, Truckie gave a note.


Croc and Rock Hard were welcomed, good to see them both, and hope we will see more of them. Poxy gave a note.


Caustic said a few words, inviting hashers to attend the Commonwealth Games hash at reduced prices.


Visitor was Bunker, Caustic have a note.


Returning runners were Ferrett and Swindler, Ice Man gave a note.


POW was Prince. He brought out a few contenders.


  • Shat and Hard On for missing the turn to the Gold Coast on their way back from Boonah and ended up in Ipswich.
  • Circumference for getting the GM lost so many times on the rally.
  • Slab for going the wrong way at the roundabout, (just returning from the USA).
  • Miscarriage for going to Prince’s house knowing Prince was away.
  • Ball Point for saying disparaging remarks about Prince at the rally. Ball Point got the POIW


Prince noted one year since the passing of Moonbeams, RIP.


RA stepped in and called Fanny for being rude. He said a few jokes, and asked in anyone had charges.


Miscarriage called out Prince and Hard On for being engineers and citing the collapse of the new bridge in Florida killing several people.


Josephine called out the only culprit who brought crownies last week, and left the bottle tops in the money bucket. Ball Point got a down down.


Rug called in Sir Ferrett, who was away last week, and presented him with the Golf Day trophy. Truckie gave a note.


There were a few more jokes before GM called on Sir Ferrett to end of circle.


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