Run 2108…Hare Elvis

Date:26th March  2018………………………….
Location:Burleigh …………………………………
Run Pictures………………………………………….

Although the hare despatched the walkers south and the runners east, it wasn’t long before the whole pack was heading together in the same direction in the vicinity of a previous hares trail.  Not known to Elvis, Magician had laid a fairly identical trail not that long ago which was a bonus for all as there was little chance of getting lost. On a warm humid night, the distance was just right and it wasn’t long before all were back and enjoying the birthday beers supplied by KB who has been a little unwell of late.
The GM summoned all to prepare for the circle as the nosh was ready for consumption. Elvis was joined by the Silver Thai restaurant owner and KB for down downs. The best run comment from the pack was that it was the quickest drink stop ever. Sir Botcho made a charge about the run distance on Bent Banana which back fired on him and as a result of his “fake news” charge , he got the down down.
In the wake of the current Aussie cricket scandal, Magician called out Bren Gun and Carefree for their on-going ball tampering, which he claimed he had witnessed several times over the years in his travels with them. His message was quite clearly – Don’t tamper with your balls.
You can imagine that the Barmy Army will already will be working on the lyrics of a Coldplay song, particularly the words – Oh what a thing to have done and it was all YELLOW. Promo labels from the old Rolling Stones album, STICKY FINGERS, could become fashionable again in England particularly when the Aussies next play cricket there and they are sure to get plenty of stick from the Pommy crowds.
Bren Gun then advised that his wooden spoon award for coming last in the car rally went missing between Saturday night and Sunday morning at Boonah. The first suspects were the Brisbane hashers who knocked off the Splinter golf day trophy. However due to their absence on the car rally which was a pretty water tight alibi, that theory was soon hosed down and there is fair chance that the missing spoon is now located in the kitchen draw with all the other cutlery at The Outlook.
As Saturday’s GC Bulletin ran a story about the closure of Helensvale Golf Club and putting Sir Botcho’s annual splinter Golf Day in jeopardy, a hasher was called out for his association by name for being involved in the closure and putting a dark stain on the splinter hash. As the name of the Kiwi business involved was JIGSAW Community Services, our Jigsaw got a down down. On his entrance to the circle, it was noted he had another dark brown stain on him, on the rear of his shorts. So as he wouldn’t drink alone, ex Kiwi /now dual citizen Sir Slab was called out as a proxy for the Kiwi involvement in the club’s closure.
Before closing the circle, Slug advised that the Easter Monday run would commence at 5pm and Pussy’s famous Sticky Date would feature on the menu.
The nosh was up to the usual standard from Silver Thai and no one went home hungry or thirsty from another of Elvis’ West Burleigh runs. We all wait for the run one day when Elvis and Bent Banana combine as hares for a Elvis run from Gracelands.  A hashy birthday song was recorded for famous hasher Darwin Don to celebrate his 95th birthday.
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