Run 2110…Hare Sir Two Dogs

Date: 9th AprilĀ  2018……………………………..
Location: Paradise Point ………………………..
Run Pictures…………………………………………….

A beautiful GC autumn evening, no doubt organised by the RA, greeted hashers as they arrived to the park overlooking the Broadwater where the hare, Sir Two Dogs had set up his chattels for the evening. Large sandstone bollards had been strategically placed near the BBQ’s just in case some nutter had ideas of ram raiding the hash while they relaxed while consuming their alcoholic beverages.
The security training that the hare had received on readiness for his work during the Comm Games was certainly well displayed. After final instructions from the hare and the now popular mandatory markings being explained, the hare despatched the walkers to the north and the runners across the road to the west. The well marked large arrows were soon found and the hare rode his bicycle at the back of the pack in a sweeping role.
It wasn’t long before the pack had thinned to 5 runners with Sir Botcho, Bent Banana, Fanny Charmer and WA visitor Coops being prominent. Sir Botcho took it upon himself to lead the runners through Coombabah and then the conservation park at Runaway Bay, mostly on trail with a bit of off trail thrown in as well.
Fanny Charmer and Circumference found the home trail back along Bayview Street and the esplanade, Hollywell and were soon back at the venue to enjoy the birthday 50 Lashes beers provided by Fanny Charmer. Crocodile was welcomed back again to the fold and is now becoming a regular.
The hare and HRH Lady Jane were busy cooking over the BBQ’s while the pack enjoyed Jatz crackers and dips. Hashers changed into their Comm Games clobber in readiness for serving of the nosh. Garlic or plain meat Rissoles were served up and salads were available to put into their tasty burgers. There were plenty of drumsticks on offer for dessert.
The GM announced the 5 minute warning for the circle as acting booze master Sir Botcho prepared the down downs. The GM asked the most important VIP to step forward and in an egotistical moment , Nasty , stepped up which earned him a down down. The hare and his cooking co- hare were next mentioned with the GM questioning the hare about his role in the preparation of his nosh. Sir Two Dogs advised that at least he had gone to the butcher shop to order the rissoles !
Sir Botcho spoke on the run and he stated that he wanted to showcase as much of the variety of the northern suburbs as possible to Coops, the visitor from Hammersley Hash, so he took him both on and off road. Our resident flying Scotsman in the walk section, Caustic Crusader,explained that most of the chatter during the walk was about the big beer gutted gold medal winning Scotsman who looked like has enjoyed many a pint at each end while playing bowls.
The visitors including Coops and Mr D, who has now been in attendance for consecutive Mondays, were the next to receive down downs. Ballpoint, was dressed in some sort of tribal clobber that may not have got him a start in the sheila’s javelin throwing event at the Comm Games athletics at Carrara but would have definitely got him a start in the drag queen’s spear throwing section at the inclusive Arafura Games for indigenous athletes which are regularly held in Darwin.
He called out Truck Tyres who was concerned about the shape of the female posterior which appears on the prototype of the upcoming sure to be a collector’s item Blue Moon hash T-shirt. Truck Tyres was assured that there nothing to be worried about as there were definitely no Miss World type arses on show from the harrierettes in attendance on the night of the event. The GM seized on the moment to call out Truck Tyres for leaving his bicycle helmet in the GM’s car.
This charge almost back fired on the GM as Truck Tyres presented the GM’s sunglasses back to the GM as they had found themselves inside the helmet.
The RA tested his jokes on the circle with his rendition of one where he combined a birth /ethnicity/ a puppy receiving the best response. He then invited charges and Bent Banana called out Prince Charles look-a-like S Bends to accept a commemorative gold medal.
The GM has asked that all trophy winners from last years AGPU to return them as soon as possible. Dicky Knee and Phantom were mentioned as possible holders of some of these most treasured hash items.
Ballpoint was soon back in the circle to explain why he had forgotten to bring the POW trophy to two consecutive Monday evenings. He was warned that he was now getting into dangerous territory with a severe reprimand icing awaiting him in the wings for another non-appearance of the POW kit.
Sir Two Dogs handed out small souvenirs of the Comm Games themed evening to all in attendance.
As Mrs Fuller is not too well at the moment, we are all thinking of her wish her all the best towards her recovery.
The circle was closed and another enjoyable evening of hashing came to an end.
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