Run 2115…Hare Hierarchy

Date: 14th May  2018…………………………..
Location:Carrara …………………………………
Run Pictures………………………………………..

Before the start of the run by eager runners,

S- Bends advises that the money for paying for beers will be deposited in the yellow bucket, and the wine monies will be deposited in a separate clear container. This will assist to keep track of different costs.

At 7:15. GM Weekly calls that this run is a Memorial run for passed hashmen.

Prince presented the speech and gave a historic rundown on some important dates and times.

Sewerage.    1994.    He was a past GM.

Credits.        2002.    340 runs.    60 years of hashing. Past GM.

First Hill Tanner.      Died on a work site.

Peter Eustace…. Former Tasmania athletic champ.  He held a record there.

Ring Bork.

K.Y.    Ken Yarwood.

Doggy Dave.


Geoff Maiden.  A past GM.

Bildge Pump.

Show Pony. Passed 2017 with 615 runs. Also past GM.

Moonbeam.  Passed 2017.  Completed 630 runs. Another past GM.

The mentioned were all great characters, all very fondly remembered and missed by all who remember true hash men.

Tuesday the 15th May is the day that Sewerage passed away at 41 years of age. 21years ago.

Sadly, others such as Showpony and Moonbeam only one year ago.

Who could ever forget some of their cunning stunts? One never knew if Pony was telling the truth or trying to sell something.

Along with Moonbeam , they had a formidable reputation for hash fun run debacles.

Whilst, we fondly remember them all as always, tonight is Sewerage’s anniversary.

His first run number 73 in 1979. Last run 847.  Total runs completed are 527.

Encouraged his Telstra dignitaries’.

Few of many are, Sir Rabbit, Josephine, Commander and Old Fart.

A short musical interlude, prepared by Sir Rabbit of wind problems was cancelled. His recorded musical interlude of Indonesian Curry farts got blown away and failed to play. Was this was a normal Debacle. ?

The speech was concluded, by all singing a Hymn as a toast to all whom departed too young and left others to age disgracefully.

The GM recalled a circle at

The GM presented himself as Winston Churchill. He did look like Churchill complete with cigar in between the lips. The Bowler Hat, black coat and walking stick completed the image.

The GM’s quote of Winston Churchill was appreciated.

“Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions.”


Geoff Lewis, our special guest speaker was invited to tell some history of his early hash days. Fond memories were of Port Moresby and Tony Morrow. About flying Tiger Moths overhead and bombing the poor runners with flour bombs. All those Good Old Days were good fun for all. Geoff also was involved in publishing a short book on hashing in 1978 where some runners were born from a horses arse.

Fond memories were also with a buxom lady called Elka Sinclair. Her great body had every one fall in love with her.

Geoff’s story telling was followed by a Down Down.


Visitors. A new member press ganged by Flasher. Down Down followed.


Returning runners.  Flasher.  Also attending the Gym now.


Run report. All happy with the run. Was a good run. Truckie and the GM took the Down Down.


Nosh report.  KB.   Woodsy worked hard at the BBQ.


The hash runners were very pleasantly surprised about what was for deserts.

There was this huge cake. So beautifully decorated with an up- curling wave of icing and the wave, was ridden by the hash bunny on a surfboard. One comment was. Are  we going to destroy that and eat that great work of art.?

After KB careful dissects all of it, it did not take long to disappear. Thanks to the baker, Mrs. Weekly.


Ice Man took a cold icing on the hard cold ice. But he kept his cool at all times.

There was a joke about a passenger flying economy class and wanting an upgrade.


Next week run. Will be back to basics with a lot of bush around. All TBA.

Sir Arsole, VD, Flasher, Fullershit, and Sir Rabbit were awarded for their runs achieved.


Prick of the Week. This trophy mysteriously was polished with black polish. Presented to Hard On for deleting data from the computer.


A data sheet was read about the Takata Airbags used and failed in different cars. Those represented were,  BMW,  Honda, Jaguar-Land Rover and Mitsubishi.


KB took another Down Down.

Brewtus called the circle to be closed. 8:35pm.

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