Run 2116…Hare Sir Botcho

Date: 21st May  2018…………………………….
Location: Arundel …………………………………
Runners: 34…………………………………………..
Run Pictures………………………………………….

Just before dark on this wintery night Truckie decided to scrambled up a young tree like an over sexed 18 year old so he can find that sweet spot for the LED flood light. As he scrambled up the tree he made light work of attaching it. He should do well as a tree lopper. Next time we should get a cherry picker for him.


Generally the runners got a bit lost and some circled back while others were confused about the marked arrows; maybe from the effects of the cool winters night in the reserve.
GM Weekly (Winston Churchill reincarnated) commenced the evening’s proceedings.


Visitors: GM called five runners into the circle. One was from Geraldton, the other hasher named Alice. He has been to Saudi Arabia and other exotic countries.

Everyone was asking, “who the fuck is Alice?” Another visitor was Solo, not Solo Lemon, he was from Dubai. The next visitor was Ringmaster, he has been in Vietnam and he has run in many other countries. Another visitor, Ballpoint, he has returned from planning for a wedding.


Run report – Sir Botcho, he was the hare of tonight’s wintery run. People’s comments say it would have been better if we all had a Range Rover. Some of the hash runners commented they did separate runs that evening.


Walk report – Fu@^ All said it was difficult to find your way in the darkness and needed a good torch to get around.



For the FUN GUYS in the group they were given a down down; Slug, Sir Botcho and Slab were the returning runners.


The Nosh report, KB. It was a good nosh. The curry sausages and hot thick soup went down well for a crispy evening.


RA was Shat, he was a stand in.


There was a down down for Sir Botcho, Fanny Charmer, Ice Man and Magician. Sir Botcho was becoming a royalist and he got a down down for singing God Save the Queen.


S- Bends reads the joke of the night;




A man, Mr Bruce Gibson, who goes under the criminal name of SLAB, has been charged after ongoing investigations into large-scale money laundering on the Gold Coast during which police seized more than $400,000.


Detectives from State Crime Command’s Organised Crime Squad and the Crime Commission, as part of on-going money laundering enquires inquires, stopped a Toyota SUV at Mermaid Waters.


After speaking to the driver, officers conducted a search of the vehicle and found cash totalling $40,000 and a flight ticket to Fiji.


The man 73, in Hash Home Harrier clothing, attempted to flee but was a slow runner.  An on-foot chase ended with the man allegedly resisting officers before his arrest. He is known to police.


Mr Gibson will appear in Southport court on 31st May.


Poxy told a joke about a person in the local pub….


Ballpoint entered the circle and presented a wooden spoon trophy to Bren Gun who in the past refused to accept it as he thought it was second hand.  There was chip out on the end of the spoon and he took exception to this defect. To Bren Gun’s past comments, it leads to a down down.


The prick of the week – the question was asked who polished the prick black?. This is under investigation and the culprit will be found out next week. The male appendage converted award was awarded to Hard On. He got it back from the deleting the data from the computer. He received it in good spirit.


Ballpoint will be given a royal wedding in the future. To be arranged by Jig Saw.


Jigsaw said next week’s run will be at Collegians Rugby Club.


The Splinter lunch is this Friday 25th May at Costa D’Oro. Surfers.


Ballpoint, Flasher, STD (two dogs) was bought into the circle. He gave the run report.


The assistant booze master entered the circle with a bag of goodies and out of the Pandora bag was drawn a Santa Suit and other items from lost and found.


The GM called for a black backpack to be placed in the circle and mentioned that this fantastic bag only lasted one hour or so. It did not even hold a bottle of wine for long and fell apart. Someone said, well what’s wrong with that, it only came with one-hour warranty on it.

The GM also mentioned as a reminder that the Hash has made a special birthday shirt (Like the original) and can be collected from the back of the Ute later.


The circle closed at 8.55pm.

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