Run 2118…Hare Iceman

Date: 4th June  2018…………………………….
Location: Paradise Point ……………………..
Runners: 35…………………………………………..
Run Pictures………………………………………….

The early evening next to the water was chilly with the distance twinkling lights of units on Ephraim Island.

This run was special as it was on the same day of birth of our G M, Weekly.

Every one was happy to hear that the drinks this night would only be one dollar. Just like the local Dollar Stores.

We were informed that one of our farming runners, Miscarriage, had a run in and a knock out kick from an old cow. He tried to lift her tail and she did not like her skirt lifted. What a cow. Speedy recover Miscarriage.

Ice Man informed about his loan raising charity for woman in Africa. He has helped over 20,000 woman and others in business.

The odour of disinfectant filled our cold noses and noticed that Truck Tyres, Ice Man and other helpers were cleaning the food serving tables. They should do well working in hospitals as a team.

The run was on paved pathways and well marked. Every now and then a chalked arrow did a 90-degree bend to go down side roads. May be indicated that the pubs were in that direction. A couple of human shadows were seen heading in this direction.

On returning, a hot mug of curried soup and a French bread roll was a very pleasant surprise.

KB and S-Bends did a splendid job with the BBQ chicken and really hot potato chunks. This was finished off with ice cream and chocolate Possum droppings.

Circle was called at 8:35pm.

S-bends advised that is a significant run, as it was the GM and Booze Masters birthday. A song of celebration was sung and followed by a down down.

As a token of gaining extra age, the GM was gifted with a red Bula Bula towel, a yellow cap, fridge magnets, and many other items.

The GM was quite taken back by all the gifts given by generous runners. Never before has a GM received so many gifts.  He did have a big smile on his dish. A down down was in order for having this happy grin.

Missing link mentions that in the past a similar run was held here.

The R.A was 2Dogs. A Bennie that was left behind from a previous run was held up and to be claimed later by the owner.

Caustic was bought into the circle. A newspaper-cutting photo was shown around of him in the circles of the Royal Family and the Wedding. A real look alike. For his good looks of a double, another down down was in order.

Shat had us all listening to his joke about a seat at a restaurant.

The GM mentions a hare is required for June 25th. Magician is to look into this and to a further hare line.

The RA brings S-Bends into the circle and gives a story of that morning cycle ride. He some how avoided a pedestrian and how funny all this looked.  S- Bends puts up a challenge to support the Maroons. He will denote a blue jumper and a blue can of beer. The series must be won.

The Prick of the week mentions this trophy has had clean- up and looks good again from being black and blue from last week.

The completion of 1000 runs cap was presented to Sir Ferret. The cap fitted him perfectly. (It was a 4XXX size.) Well-done Sir Ferret.

The run report as well as the nosh report was good and all were pleased with the results.

There was a call to all of the high achievers to enter the circle.

These were, Phantom, Magician, VD, and Fuller.

Truckle was there as he turned up on time for the bike ride for once.

Caustic was there as a piece of concrete got in the way of his truck.

As the Shiraz wine was not too popular with runners, this would be with drawn from drinks that were to be available.

Next week run will be on the corners of Government Road and Whiting Street.

There was some disappointment that Swollen Colon could not set his fire works off last week.

Circle was closed at 9:15pm.

That’s All  folks

Fuck All

On Sec






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