Run 2120…Donald & Ballpoint

Date: 18th June  2018…………………………..
Location: Bonogin ………………………………
Runners: 34…………………………………………..
Run Pictures………………………………………….

This was a Birthday run. Happy Birthday Ballpoint.   (Behind the face mask, Donald Trump)

This night was very cold for almost every one except for our GM Weekly, whom appeared not to feel the chill. Some said he had a little more body insulation around him.


The hare demonstrated the chalked run check- points on the concrete floor. This what had to be followed on the dark bush trails? Well some runners missed these markings.

The runners were cautioned not to follow Brewtus, as last week he set his own heavy lingering odour run.


The park shed did not have lighting, but soon it was resolved by Shat vehicle extension light.

Later, Truckle arrived and saved the night again and set up a string of LED lights. No sooner completed, fire works exploded breaking the night’s silence. Yes. It was Swollen Colon making his arrival know to the residents.

There were a few late runners returning. Magician, Swollen Colon and Botcho. Their lament was. “Never leave your mates behind.”


The nights returning runners were treated to a bowl of hot onion soup. May be to compete against Brewtus. The BBQ hamburgers and salads went down well.


All watched how carefully Ball Point placed his Birthday candles on his spectacular cake. Then came along Swollen Colon with his half meter in length fire works cracker, and placed it into the cake. Then proceed to light the fuse. All now stood back as no body wanted exploded cake on their face. Thankfully it was a dud.

A happy chorus was sung. Happy birthday. Fuck You.


We were informed that Miscarriage cow kicked injury was serious. He had a RMI scan and further damage to muscles were noticed. It was suggested by runners that he needed to go to Vietnam for massage treatment.


Our GM Weekly opened the circle at 8:15pm dressed as his favorite hero that of Winton Churchill. His large cigar adorned him this time. May be retrieved from his grand kids last week.



Run report.   VB commented on the nights run. It was good and at a new location. The run was well marked. Applause followed from fellow runners.

Walkers report.   There were few as they returned early and enjoyed the drinks on this cold evening. Some were said they got lost in the dark. Yeah, Yeah.

Nosh report.   Given by Magician who enjoyed it, as he was still eating. That was how good it was.

Visitors.    These were, Hot Dick and Ball Bag.

The hare with others were given a Down Down.

The GM proceed to give out special gifts. One person was to Brewtus for laying out his special lingering odour trail last week. He was presented with a box of CASTRO STOP.  A Down Down for this trail setting. The other person will be presented with his gift next week. So folks, stay turned for next week’s recipient.

Visitors report.   Rapper.  From Sydney and Nick from the Gold Coast, who wanted to see the Pussy Grabber?  Dirty Old Man.

RA report.   This was confusing. There were two of them. The assistant RA was Magician.

S-Bends was drawn into the circle about how he invented a new cocktail and the story how he achieved this. Mostly it consisted of Bailey’s Cream and other toxic mixes. A down down followed.

Two Dogs was encouraged into the circle and told a joke about digging holes into the lawn. This led to a Maroons flag to be presented and a Blue can of promised beer.

Two Dogs fondly received the Prick of the Week.  A Down Down was in order.


GMs quote of the week is by Oscar Wilde.

Experience is merely the name men gave to their mistakes.


The circle on this chilly night closed at 8:50pm.


That is it until next week. Keep rugged up for the cooler week.



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