Run 2121…Magician

Date: 25th June  2018…………………………..
Location: Main Beach ………………………………
Runners: 35…………………………………………..
Run Pictures………………………………………….

The night was cool with the sea freeze blowing off the near by ocean.

The parking and meeting area was spacious and well lit from well-elevated council light poles.

Truck Tyres had a free evening as he did not have much to do about the lighting.

All good and all ready to go.  Oh no.! Here comes Swollen Colon to break the silence of the cold chill of the night. Fire works in the garbage bin took every one by surprise. Our visiting night birds, Bush Stone- curlews took off in fright leaving only their tail feathers behind.


The circle opened at 8.06pm

As every one were so comfortable with friendly chatter and seated after the run, the kind GM Weekly declared that the circle would be a sit-down one.  All were very pleased about this change.  Vehicle keys will be confiscated until equipment was repacked into the hash trailer.

Then there was another explosion from the cracker man. Now all were fully awake again. This also included the Anti Tourist Unit, Police Air helicopter flew overhead checking us out.

The GM was enquiring where is his last week’s gift of a stubby holder got to. He was pleased it was returned.

Booze Master.   A blue beer can was raised up for all to notice. Maroons mugs were given by Two Dogs. The Maroon’s flag was also waved around as rivalry.

Prick of the week took a down down.

Josephine had suggested that specials to be sort when purchasing booze. The booze master noted this.


Visitors and returning runners.   This was a visitor from last week. . Welcome back Nick

Welcome back Crocodile. There was applause from the runners. In his little tale- telling, he mentioned he had now about 37 trailers in his possession. There was a welcome down down for him.

Hare.  This was Magician and Ice Man. The runners noticed his particular T-shirt. Explanation was given that it was a Korean hash shirt. Was all this Bull Shit?

Run Report.    Was given not to offend. The run assembled a challenge to all. There was a “frugality” of chalk arrows that marked the way. Runners were lucky, as no person came across the escaped Boa constrictor in the area.

Walk Report.  Sir Slab. He mentioned some runners saw only two arrows. These must have been one at the start, and the other one at the finish.

Nosh Report.  Crocodile.  Wonderful food. ( Who was he trying to impress). He went on to say he would be visiting again in six months once he recovered from the night’s meal. (That is more like it)  There was a grand taste of a burnt dinner and not from   spices used, as all thought it was.

We were informed that our night’s visitor Nick would be joining us. Welcome.

There were comments from runners that his joining will bring down the average age of all of the old farts of the group. This does not apply to Brewtus.  He is a fart on his own trail.

Crocodile told a tale about an old Indian that had to sell some thing before he joined a hash group. Black Pirate had a hand in this. A runner was to be renamed Tampon Top and he was not seen again in the hash group. There was a name change back to Dark Horse.


Train Ride.  This was a good day out organized by Botcho.

  1. There was a chorus of hooray from the runners. The night’s meal had obtained that smoked taste some how. That cracker taste from gun powder in the air.

Swollen Colon last week was tasked by Ball Point, to look after our visitor Nick and take care of him on the run. All went well until going up the hill. After the climb, Nick was nowhere to be seen.  On his own now, Swollen Colon was concerned about loosing his running partner in the dark bush.   A down down was given to this lost runner.


Prick of the Week.    Magician.  A pay back for that smoky tasting meal. Never the less, the hot soup was welcome and tasted good.

GM Weekly brings order and then presents caps to honour some runners.

These were, Missing Link. 850 Runs.   Proxy 150 Runs.  Sweat Hog  50 Runs.  Well-done fellows.

Sir Rabbit explains that Friday’s Splinter lunch is at Gav’s Steak House.

Our rocket man, Swollen Colon is having his Big 60th birthday on Saturday 30th June. All are invited to celebrate at the Benowa Bowls Club at 7pm. A very Happy Birthday Rocket Man.

Next weeks run will be near the Sundale Bridge area.


Quote of the week given by the GM.


Winton Churchill.    “One man with conviction will overwhelm a hundred who have only opinions.”


Circle closed by Nick at 8.50pm.


On On .Sec.


Note. A certain person removed the Winton Churchill cigar belonging to our GM. He wants it back. The GM is calling out the War Office personal to track this smoking gun. Be warned.  Smoke it at your own peril.!!

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