Run 2123…VD

Date: 9th July  2018……………………………….
Location: Mudgeeraba …………………………
Runners: 35…………………………………………..
Run Pictures………………………………………….

This night was quite chilly, plenty of parking but with virtually no street lighting.


The run was on paved areas around the park. In the dark park a torch was necessary to complete this run.


It was heard that Bent Banana was advised not to follow Blackie, as he gets lost.


Sir Slab took the easy way out by riding his bicycle around the run. We didn’t notice any bike lights so he must have good night vision.


On the runners return, the tables were set up and the un-lit area was now ablaze with two strings of LED lights.  This blazed away like a runaway landing zone. Truckie made light work of this set up.


The kitchen bitch was Bent Banana, and he was bent over the gas BBQ box hanging out of the trailer. Appetizing aroma of the evening meal was penetrating the cold evening.


S-Bends our booze master, advises all the runners, now in their winter gear, that it is Now Loved Birthday this evening.


We were concerned that one of our runners, Ball Bag had not returned. Maybe he forgot to turn his torch on to find his way back in the dark.


We all missed our welcome hot soup on this cold night from previous weeks.


GM Weekly opened the circle at 8.10pm.


He advised the circle that there would be no Winston Churchill present here tonight, as he is over in England attending the Grand Soccer game.  Never to mention that there was no cigar to chew on. It is said that he is visiting the War Office about the cigar disappearance.


Returning runners.     This was Sir Ferrett and the Kitchen Bitch.


VD our hare of tonight’s run was in the circle.  Truckie gave the note for the down down.


Ice Man was encouraged into the circle and he told a joke about the Kiwis shopping at Surfers Paradise. They went into the shop and they said they were looking at all the clothes. The shop assistant advised they were in a Dry Cleaning Shop.


Run report.     This was a well marked, chalk arrows could be clearly seen in the darkest of the nights with a torch. There were good check back marks on the route.


Something did go wrong with a check- back marking.  It went the wrong way around when viewed from the top.


Our GM, only on this occasion complements Ice Man on his view of the run. Fuller Shit mentions how Bent Banana had the easy task of cycling around the run route.

A down down was ordered to the hare on the run report.


The GM Weekly presented Sir Ferrett with a sexy black nightie, as all runners thought he was an old woman and deserved this special gift.  He likes to be home in time and watch his favorite TV show.  To night he will be rushing home to try his new black nightie on.  A down down followed the presentation.


GM called on Fanny Charmer to give the Nosh Report.


Fanny Charmer inquired how come only a few received the BBQ steaks. He was joking, he probably mistook the BBQ patties for steaks. He has to take off his reading glasses to see properly.


The BBQ hamburgers went down very well with the cold and hungry runners.


The desserts were good and some even went for seconds.


Our RA was Sweat Hog. He was instructed to enter the circle. And a Happy Birthday was sung for Now Loved.


Miscarriage advises that this night is also a 700th run occasion.


An historic run report was read out to all about a run during that time. This bought out old memories for some of the older runners.


A poem was also read out, and appropriately named “Hash Mans lament”. This was eloquently read out by Phantom.


The GM presented a blue cap for the 700 half runs achievements.  A down down followed for Sir Prince Valiant.


The RA called Fuller Shit and Ball Bag into the circle, as Fuller Shit left his mate behind and he failed to honour the order of conduct, where a person never leaves a mate behind.


Ball Bag returned late, as his torch was not working or forgot to put it on and got lost. Ball Bag had to knock on a residence door to view an Ipad to see where he was.  Fuller shit had left him behind.  A common saying,   “he was left in the dark.”

Well deserved down down was in order for this lost mate.

He did tell a few good jokes in the circle with much laughter from runners.


The RA instructed the hare back into the circle. He advised the runners that when he questioned where the run went to and the direction it took, the hare forgot where he had marked the run.

The RA requested Sir Slab to perform a down down for picking on Fanny Charmer.  Telling him not to forget the food report amongst other things. However he was already prepared.


Josephine told a joke in the circle concerning the size of people’s feet. He called on Miscarriage to enter the circle.  Attention was drawn to the size of Miscarriage’s boots. Maybe this man was Big Foot in disguise and even the cow that kicked him made this mistake.


The GM mentions that our new member Nick required a hash name. Titly was his family name. There was a combination of synonyms to this name of Titly.  Next week will bring more thought on this. Tetley teabag sounding surname is a good option. He was given a down down for completing the run tonight.


Prick of the week.      The following members were called into the circle: Slab, Truckie, Josephine, and Miscarriage. Slab because he was eating his leftover lunch tonight. All were directed to leave the circle except for Miscarriage.

As he is renowned for fronting up with the City Council and saving others from future confrontation and so saving money giving advise to others.  Another down down.


The GM presented a white T-shirt as lost property. No one owned up and it is assumed that it should be given to the new member Nick.


Next week’s run.  This run will be at Chevron Island, Surfers Paradise.


The GM advises that there is no Winston Churchill quote it was felt to be too deep for runners to understand. So now there is a new approach and using new quotes.


Quote of the Week.       David King.


“When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her”



Bent Banana terminated the circle at 8.57pm.



On On Sec.

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