Run 2124…Kwakka

Date: 16th July  2018……………………………….
Location: Chevron Island …………………………
Runners: 36…………………………………………..
Run Pictures………………………………………….

On our approach to the park it was delightful to see that tables were already in place with chairs.  Some one had arrived early and sorted out the seating.

The returning runners found it difficult to find and follow all the arrows on the pavements. Did they not know this was a French theme run, and the French chalk arrows are easily eradicated by Croatians pedestrains from the recent soccer final?

The kitchen bitch on this cool evening was Kwakka. He was supported by his Italian wife Salvana and Carroll. What a team.  The hot sausage rolls with sweet chilli sauce did a magic trick; it disappeared as soon as it hit the tables. The lasagna was superb and very tasty.  Compliments to the cook.

Ball Point could not stay away and turned up late so not to miss the good nosh.


Circled opened at 8.10pm.

Our great GM Weekly was dressed up like Napoleon. Was that a real sabre he was wearing? It was French Bastille night. (July 14th 1789)

Thee Winston Churchill is not with us to night.. He is suffering from a hang over as Britton missed out on the World Soccer Cup final


Run Report.   The hare was called into the circle and Ice Man was “bemused” about the run. The run had various arrows and some were well hidden. A runner from the peripheral wanted to know who marked the un- seen arrows.

A hare is required to replace Sweat Hogs’ for Caustics run on 30th August 2018.


Nose Report.   All agreed with Botcho that it was a magnificent lasagna, salad and garlic rolls. The meal was followed up with ice cream and chocolate mousse. Cold French ales supplied by the booze master. A well deserved down down for the cooks.



An enquiry was made about Bren Gun’s lack of presence.  Looks like his mates missed him.

RA Hal Al directed a charge to Excel Pet.  This runner is like the Long Lasting Duracell battery. He just kept on running after he was advised to stop at the last arrow.

A down down were given to Excel Pet and Ferrett as he abandoned his new black nightie awarded to him last week.  Another down down to Ball Point and Kwakka as it was believed they were pro Croatians supporters.

Then came another down down for Blackie for doing well in racing his sports/racing car against others on the track. It is said that he keeps one eye open for that opening position to be ahead of other competitors.

The GM was pleased about his sponsored clipboard presented by AH Painters. Now he can keep his papers in order. He asks all of us to think about a name to be given to our new runner Nick. Ball Point mentions he had introduced Nick to this iniquitous group.

Nick for most of his life has been known as TITS.  New hash names were flying about everywhere and one name was settled on.

Nick was now knighted by the GM as ARSE NIC. A down down was in order for this new members name.

The run was about to close and Fanny Charmer and Missing Link thought they could sneak away early into the darkness of the cold night. No such luck. They were down downed for this. (May be they should receive the black nightie)

The GM gave the quote of the week by Alexandra Dumas  (Author of The Three Musketeers book).  “The great question, which I have not been able to answer, what does a woman want?”

Next weeks run.  20 Expo Court, Ashmore.


Circled was closed at 8.45pm.

Until next week.


On On Sec.

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