Run 2125…Fuller Shit

Date: 23rd July  2018……………………………….
Location: Ashmore ………………………………..
Runners: 32…………………………………………..
Run Pictures………………………………………….

The start of the walk started by walking on the road back and forth to find the magic arrows. First it was this way, second it was that way. Eventually the arrows were found and the run commenced.

We all returned to the shed /factory and shop premises belonging to Fuller Shit. It was very interesting looking around at all the bits and pieces he had there.

GM Weekly handed out the named envelopes containing the  “On On” decal stickers. They should look good and stick  to vehicles of members or where they like to stick them. (Now be careful)

This night was Sir Arse Hole’s birthday. The thirsty runners gladly accepted his gifted slabs of birthday beer.

There was a delicious aroma from the fried beef and chicken strips on the BBQ for tonight’s hot meal. The buttered bread rolls both could contain chicken, one end, and the other end beef strips. Various salads and sauces could also be placed on top, producing a much filling meal. Ice cream, custard and diced fruit salad completed the meal course.


  1. 15 p.m. Circle was opened by GM Weekly. Winston Churchill had arrived back and in his full attire. The War Office advises that the cigar was kidnapped by Ball Point. He is going to be so be very blunt once Ball Point returns.

Returning visitors and runners.    Ball Bags, Arse Up, and Magician were down downed.

Run Report.     This was given by Iceman. He told a joke about going to a pharmacy with a urine sample to test if it was sweet for its sugar content.

Arse Nic, Fuller Shit, Brutus, Two Dogs and Blackie were called into the circle for a down down.  Blackie was getting all the check runs right on his left side, but he missed a few on his right side. The run and the walk were considered to be tolerable. Miscarriage did well in the walk with his braced leg.

The GM did not have too much to say about the run, but he mentioned he remembered the two deserters from last week, who sneaked away early.

Arse Nic’s wife asked how did he get his name. He replied that she should phone Ball Point and ask him.  When she phoned Ball Point he told her, he was asked by Arse Nic to phone her about that.

The GM mentioned how a wife named a first person in the hash group. This was Bent Banana and her name was Banana Bender. Very clever side to things.

Slab mentions the relay race at Lightning Ridge. The Gold Coast has a team of 12 participants. They will participate in swimming, running, drinking and riding, getting lost or any other activities.

Nosh report.     Our birthday boy Sir Arse Hole gave this report. He was very pleased about the food and said it was a great meal. A Birthday down down was given to this man.

Prick of the Week.   Miscarriage had to hand the trophy back. It was a bit of a difficult task, as he couldn’t select a runner who deserved it. (There was no one else) A photograph of the 1986 runners was shown in the circle. One of the members was Slab, a very young person at that time. A joke was told about an inheritance paid to a person of $10,000. But this was a mistake. It was for one dollar as the decimal point was a mistakenly placed in the wrong position.

Sir Prince Valliant mentions how a certain hash member; Named Miscarriage received some money from him for a loan. After depositing a large sum of money into Miscarriage’s bank account, it was advised that there was a mistake in the account number. Trying to rectify this problem was difficult. Having to renegotiate with the banks to change the account number.  A down down was given to Sir Prince Valliant.


Magician entered into the circle with a charge. A gentleman bought a brand-new car and did not know how to lock the door. That certain gentleman had to take his car back to the dealers to solve the problem. This gentleman was Shat.

Next week’s run.    This will probably be at the Pony Club as Ball Point is the hare.

The GM reminds hash runners about the Southport walk and bike ride organised by the City Council on 19th August 2018. Also, about Christmas in July lunch this Friday 27th at Costa D’oro. Please register your attendances on line as large numbers are expected.


Quote of the night.  Winston Churchill.    “A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”


8.50pm.   Ferret closed the circle.

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