Run 2126…Ball Point & Sweat Hog

Date: 30th July  2018……………………………….
Location: Nerang ………………………………..
Runners: 28…………………………………………..
Run Pictures………………………………………….

Ball Point was the hare for this evenings run. He demonstrated by using flower to indicate the run markings.

The returning runners thought that it was well marked. This run was in very dark woods and required a good torch to get around.

Truckie returned in good time with the others. We all noticed he shot off to do another circuit of the run. Did he really enjoy the first time around to do another?

We soon realized that he thought he had lost his mobile phone on the trail, and off be went to locate it. After some runner dialing his number, the phone rang in Sweat Hog’s 4×4. Bingo. Phone found.

Circumference and Ball Point returned last as they took the long way around. The runners said they should be charged extra for the longer run they completed.


8:20 PM.     Our GM Weekly dressed as Winston Churchill opened the circle. He congratulated all runners in returning in such a strange and dark area.


Visitors and returning runners.    Swollen Colon, Woodsie, Brendon, and Fox Trot Oscar. These runners were given a note and a down down.

The GM brings the hare, Ballpoint into the circle. The GM had good reason to believe that ballpoint had actually hijacked his cigar. This was denied. Did MI 5 get it wrong?


Run Report.  Carefree commented on the run report. A lot of difficulty had to be endured in this virgin country. There was plenty of tree roots on the trail and he was rooted when he finished the run. After all he did complete at least 10 meters of the run. He added that these runs were fantastic, but this run should be started at 5 PM, so all can enjoy the bush while it was light enough to do so.

Ball Point and Sweat Hog were called into the circle and a down down was awarded to them.

Ball Bag commented further on the run. It was difficult to keep up with the runners, as they were unable to overtake others on the path, as it was to narrow from the growth of vegetation.


Prick of the Week.   Sir Prince off loaded this POW trophy. There were two nominations for this trophy. First nomination was Truckie, for losing his mobile phone.  Second nomination was Proxy. He was the last person to leave the recent Splinter lunch in an inebriated way.  A well deserved down down were given to these fellows.


Nosh report.  A big hot pot of beef and bean stew was served with fully cooked non-burnt rice to the hungry runners. Hot apple pies and custard followed later.


The RA report.     There is plan for a car rally and all will be receiving an email about this car rally.  It will be in South Australia and some parts into the Simpson Desert. It may be possible to visit Broken Hill as well.

Truckie and Fuller Shit were tasked with bringing the trailer to the run tonight. There was some misunderstanding about this.  There was no water pump working to refill the water tank among other little concerns.  With good reason they were given a down down by Circumference.

There was a joke about a guy who was sick down his shirt.  To explain this to the wife, he put $20 in the shirt pocket saying an intoxicated man was sick on him, and donated $20 for the inconvenience. The wife found $40. She was further advised that this extra $20 was for the shit in his shorts. Fanny Charmer took a down down and it was mentioned he was in the running for next years GM.

The GM reminds runners of the bike ride/ walk on the 19th of August at 9.30 AM. This will commence at the Southport Council Chambers. Now this should be fun.!


Next week’s run.   At the moment it is unknown as the hare is not present.

The next Splinter lunch will be August 24th.  To be held at Goa Indian Fusion Restaurant on Teddler Avenue, Maim Beach.


Charge from the floor.    Fuller Shit was called into the circle by Ball Point. He informed us that he telephoned Fuller Shit about towing the trailer. Fuller Shit advised that he thought that tonight’s run was unsafe, dark and did not want to get lost in the dark bush. What a whimp.!

Ballpoint further informs that he is organizing a fun night. This will be a trivia night on a Friday with plenty of nosh and piss. All are invited.

Ice Man told a good joke that had most reeling in laughter.


Quote of the week by Winston Churchill.


“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”


The GM calls Fanny Charmer and Missing Link into the circle. Two weeks ago they tried to slip away early.  For their misadventure, they were tasked to close the circle.


8.55pm.  Circle closed.



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