Run 2146…Hierarchy

Date: 17th December  2018……………………..
Location: Surfers Paradise ………………………
Run Pictures……………………………………..

‘Twas the run before Christmas and all through Budds Beach not a creature was stirring – they had enough brains to stay inside because it was pissing pick handles.
The gathering of our staunch hashmen had soon demolished as much of the pizza as they could get inside them and, at 5:15 on the dot, they were off in search of fun and adventure, well, beer actually.
Sir Botcho, the trailblazer, lead the ragged mob through the streets of Surfers, avoiding the rain and puddles, while finding some very convenient photo opportunities along the way. Santa’s photo booth in Cavil Mall was taken over by the GM, much to the chagrin of the waiting punters.


Amid cries of “Merry Christmas” and “Ho Ho Ho” our faithful band surged onward to the House of Brews for a selection of their finest ales to taste.
Carefree and Brengun, among others, had already started, as they were smart enough to head straight there to avoid getting drenched.
Almost the entire gathering agreed that beer number five was shit. There is something about a mango beer that seems contradictory to common sense. Mademoiselle Latrine busied himself handing out platters of beer making sure that none was wasted.
Swollen Colon and his crackers were missed but, as we were right beside the Police Station, his absence was probably a good thing.
Then it was across the street for the evening nosh at La Porchetta.
Vicky was looking most resplendent in almost nothing. As usual, she was never short of company with the GM following her around like a lapdog “Just to make sure she wasn’t accosted by the lecherous hash hounds”. Brewtus, Arsenic and Skyhook, with eyes the size of dinner plates, were the bees round the proverbial honeypot.
Bent Banana was seeking solace and asked her for a hug. In true BB fashion he ended up burying his beak in her cleavage. Needless to say Vicki was not impressed. Likewise, she went crinkly-faced when Aussie thought it might be good idea to draw circles around her nipples.
Fanny Charmer and Sir Prince Valiant traded barbs about Labor’s latest housing initiative. And the highlight of the evening for the Caustic Crusader was when Lyon dismissed Kohli in the cricket and we had them at 5/100.
The RA was slightly miffed when Phantom and Sir Prince snaffled the last two Veal Scallopini dishes, especially as he had been waiting since the dawn of creation for his meal to arrive.
By now, someone had stolen S Bends’ whistle but the ever-resourceful Booze Master came up with another one to continue annoying the Christmas revellers.
The night deteriorated from there and the last thing I remember was downing pints of Guinness in Waxy’s.
And so it was.

On On

Sweat Hog

Circumference also has a few memories of another fun night of Hashing…

A brief overview as the photo gallery tells the real truthful story of the evening.
1. Pre-loading from the eskies at the Nerang River’s edge to wash down the 25 pizzas before the Plan B relocation to across the road to get out of the rain.
2. Walk to Surfers Paradise in the rain.
3. Drink stop comprising of shot size beers at the Brew House, numbered from 1-5 and that wasn’t their rating, more like 5-1 in that regard.
4. Then across the road to the Italian restaurant to dine on a beautiful range of entrees and mains washed down by quality beers and wines.
5. Some brief glimpses of Vicki’s you know whats(multiple choice of either tits or tatts).
6. A hash bromance revisited to smooth things over after their last tiff was formalised over a bottle of Shiraz.
7. Vicki’s regular delivery of alcohol to the tables was also welcomed by all on the night.
8. A tray of liqueurs were circulated as a night cap just to top things off.
9. The light rail not going beyond Southport due to some incident was unfortunate for those hashers caught out trying to get home.
10.Some interesting caricatures of GC hashers on the reverse side of the giveaway Christmas shirt, a sure fire way to discourage any hasher from going into politics if that’s the way cartoonists would make that hasher’s likeness made ludicrous in the public eye.
On On
Circumference(as stand in for Fuck All who is still on his exotic/erotic Asian tour)

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