Run 2152…Sir AH

Date: 28th January 2019………………………….
Location: Mudgeeraba ……………………………

Run Pictures

This run started early at 5pm as it was Australia Day. The run was well marked with pink PVC tape and well marked chalk arrows. There was a drink stop half way to ease the hot run. Port and lemonade with a few ANZAC   biscuits and other shacks. It is common in Pommie land that port with lemonade was drink in the summer months.

On the return to Lions Park the runners dug into more snacks of ANZAC  biscuits, crisps with cheese dips or a jar of Vegemite.


6.45pm. GM Weekly opened the circle.


Visitors and returning runners.     This was Bren Gun and a Down Down was awarded.


The hare, Sir AH called into the circle to thank him for setting the run.

Run report.    This was given by Bren Gun who mentioned that it was well marked with pink tape and chalk arrows. It was a bit of rough going as the runners had to go up and down hill on loose stoney terrain.

Walkers report.     Nasty thought this was a good walk until going up the hill at Moonbeam Parade.

Food report.     A great meal of spicy chicken stew with vegetables. The desert consisted of peaches in custard and jelly. A down down followed.


RA report was by Hal Al.    Ferret, Jig Saw and Sir Slab in the circle. Sir Slab was regarded as a fine example of a non Australian as he had no passport. A Down Down followed for these runners.

Charge from the floor.    Sir Slab advised that  Sir Prince, from returning from his recent visit to Brisbane friends, found that he had brought back some one else’s phone to the Gold Coast. You just cant trust your visitors these days!!  A Down Down was in order for this runner.

A second charge from the floor was  by Miscarriage.  As this was Australia day and all things sacred to Australia should be thanked, he objected to the jar of Vegemite being called “axel grease”.

The RA told a joke about a bus full of people  whom had a whip-around to raise funds when a driver parked his bus on a cliffs edge.


POW.    Enter the Ice Man. A runner should show respect to fellow runners and use decent language. KB received this trophy as he showed dis-respect to a fellow mate. A well loved mate Sir Prince.  A Down Down to this hasher.

Our GM calls on Sir Slab and Rock Hard to enter the circle.Congratulates these runners and presents caps for their achievements.     Rock Hard for 400 runs.   Sir Slab for 1500 runs. A Down Down followed.

The GM had a new idea about hash names. He asked Excelpet to explain how he got his hash name.. After some explanation the idea was abandoned.


Next weeks run.     Excelpet will be the hare.   Meet  on Maddison Road at Emerald Lakes.


Car Rally.     Mad Mike is organising this great event.  Scheduled for weekend of 15th / 16th March. Keep this weekend free as it will be a good week end to have some fun with your mates.


We were further advised that  there is no Winston Churchill quote this evening. Sir Churchill passed away on Thursday 24th in 1965 at an age of 90 years.

On 28th January 1788, the first British penal settlement was founded in Botany Bay.


7.15 pm.  Bren Gun closed the circle.


On On Sec. FA.


Have you phoned an absent mate? Are you OK mate.??

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