Run 2153…Exelpet

Date: 4th February 2019………………………….
Location: Carrara ……………………………………

Run Pictures

S- Bends informs runners that the special imported American  beers (IPA)will be $5 each.

The Booze Master was trying  out some thing different from the normal or local beers. Unfortunately these IPA  beers were not a preferred taste of the runners. Birthday beers taste better.  Please donate Australian coins into the kitty bucket as other country coins are not welcome.

There are Birthday beers at $1 each. Many thanks Bent Banana.

The run was on even terrain and the run was well marked, except for one missing arrow that caused a little confusion on what direction the runners should take.

The returning runners were treated to a quick snack of cream cheese and water biscuits. For the main meal is was sliced ham with plenty of fresh salads and buttered french rolls. Dessert was various cake slices with custard.


8.25pm. Circled called by  GM Weekly.

Visitors and returning runners.    We were all pleased to see the return of Rug, Swindler and Slab who returned from an overseas holiday.  After Slab sharing a quote with runners, there was a Down Down.


The hare, Exelpet, entered the circle and the GM gave the walkers report. He said it was a dam great run even though he considered it a long one.

Run report given by Sir Prince and praised Bren Gun on his continued efforts to run to the finish even at his octogenarian age. A well deserved Down Down was given to both.

Nosh report.   Sir Rabbit encouraged to pass comment on this as he was a connoisseur on lettuce salad dishes as all rabbits are..

POW.     KB calls Sir Prince, VD, Brutus and Misscarriage into the circle. Some friendly teasing and abuse followed. In the end Brutus received this trophy as he has passed comment on Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles which KB was so found of.  A down Down followed.

RA report.     Rug explained the complex problems be encountered in the Philippines to renew an expired passport. The old passport details among other important information was not recorded by the authorities. Some technical  past details were no longer regarded in obtaining another.  What a debacle, but not worth while  tearing his hair out for. Was it painful ?!!

Charge from the floor advised that even with the Townsville floods in progress, emergency vehicles were called out for Sir Prince wife’s broken toe.  What is really implied is that he should toe the line. A down down was given.


Now for some personal achievements. Slug was awarded with a 200th run cap.

A reminder about a free training program that Arse Nik was organising at the Surf Club. All

welcome to attend.

The Southport  jazz function still has a few seats available

Next weeks run.  The runners were advised that the next  two runs will be given in advance as Botcho will be away on leave. Please read dates and locations carefully.

The GM Weekly takes the opportunity to thank  Sir Botcho for his assistance in standing in for Hash Cash.

Birthday Boy.    This was our active runner, Bent Banana. Have another full year of fun.

Sir Botcho advised that medical attentions that Mad Mike is having is progressing well and all runners are wishing him well. So mates phone and say. Are you OK mate?

The Gm presents tonights hare with a pair of hash running shorts. A Down Down for all was ordered.

Quote of the week by Winston Churchill.


“Things are not always right because they are hard, but if they are right one must not mind if they are also hard.”


9 pm. Circle closed.


On On Sec. FA.






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