Run 2154…Swindler

Date: 11th February 2019……………………….
Location: Chevron Island ……………………….

Run Pictures

A great opportunity to meet all your mates and re-set your clocks, just as KB assisted Wrong Way with his vehicle’s time piece. This makes sure runners arrive on time. Truckie will be asking assistance to reset his his clock before next weeks run.


This was a splendored evening with a gentle cool breeze coming off the near by river. The half moon  high up in the sky was positioned  over the deck.  A mirror of lights, reflecting off the calm surface of the river from the well lite high rise buildings  across the waters. Large candles on the tables completed a rather romantic scene.


The walkers got side tracked and decided to purchase some ICE on route for all to enjoy. Thanks to ice carriers , FA, Karl and Woodsie who cooled/ chilled your beers and wine. On returning, all enjoyed the bountiful cheese dips and water biscuits so close to the water. It this how the name came about.?!

To night’s meal was spiced chicken stew with vegetables , soft rice and buttered bread rolls. This was followed, by out of this world sponge cake. Plenty left for second helpings. Thanks KB and Swindler.


8.25pm. Circled formed by  GM Weekly in his usual attire of Winstone Churchill.


Visitors and returning runners.  Swollen Colon , Seedy, and Karl a first time visitor. A down down followed.


Run report. The hares, Swindler and Hard On were in a debate if this run was 7.8 or 6.2 kilometre’s. All enjoyed the outing and all arrived back safe. Bend Banana said it was well marked and arrows easily seen.

A secret code was written on the trail and a reward was on offer to the person that found it. Lawrence was awarded a jar of pure honey by hare Swindler.


Nosh report.   KB was pleased about the how good the portion control was. A well deserved down down was given.

RA report.    It was advised that Mad Mike was progressing well and out of hospital and recovering well with a recovery nurse at home.

Swollen Colon ( Cracker man) was noted for not disturbing the evening  with bangs , and awarded a down down. Blackie told a joke about a therapy session with a very fit and tuff lady.

For compromising the RA earlier that night, Excelpet and Karl were called into the circle and down downed by Oscar Foxtrot.

The passed Show Pony was remembered as it was now two years from his passing.

All were reminded about the pending Car Rally that Mad Mike is organising and if attending, should place their bookings and payments.

KB was drilled by Madamoiselle Latrine about a night out at a hotel last year. It was a great party  consuming vast amounts of wine and falling asleep. A photo was produced from a mobile phone. A down down was instructed by Ice Man.


POW.     Blackie was wide eyed with Sir Jo when they were called to enter the circle. These runners left their mates behind by leaving early last week.  A down down followed.


Next weeks run.    Bend Banana mentioned it will be difficult to meet tonight’s efforts.


Quote of the week by Winston Churchill.  “One always measures friendships by how they show up in bad weather.”


8.55pm. Circle closed by Sir Jo.


On On Sec.   FA

Many thanks for phoning your absent mates or the bad weather they may be experiencing.

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