Run 2155…Bent Banana

Date: 18th February 2019……………………….
Location: Ashmore …………………………………

Run Pictures

The run started through some bush and along a creek and then on to the main road.

8.20pm. GM Weekly opened the circle.

Visitors and returning runners.    Hal Al on his return from Bali presented the GM with a pair of colourful trousers. All runners let off a “hooray” when the GM fitted  into the garment. A tight fit as there was a natural tenancy for clothing to shrink when bought from overseas. Brutus was instructed to give the down down.

Walk report.   This was lead by Wrong Way who modified the trail. Some runners protested as this walk was the wrong way.

Run report.  Rug viewed this run as a good run and extremely well marked.

Food report.  The nosh was good and wholesome. It consisted of chicken pieces,  corn on the cob, plenty of green peas and well cooked potatoes. Ice cream with peaches and custard completed the evening meal, which was consumed by most runners sitting on the  grand stands of the sporting complex.

Booze report.  Blue cans of beer was selected to celebrate the 2019 victory for the State of Origin.   Happy birthday was sung for Woodsie . Unfortunately he could not attend his special day.  The down down was in his honour.

Brewtus informs that his father sadly  passed away last week at 74 years of age. The GM confirms that he knew his father  from school years and he remembers some fantastic times with him. The GM eventually married  Steve’s sister.  To honour Steve,  the GM instructed a hymn to be sung in chorus to him.

  1. Miss Carriage was acting RA. A story of misadventure was told about some incident   working with heavy earth moving equipment in Gilstone. The excavator tyres had a blow out and resulted in a topple over.  While moving some fence palings, one become loose and resulted in penetrating a  wind screen of a vehicle.  Not a good day for him again.

Sir Prince with Sir Rabbit as his proxy mentions how a loving gift of a card with a box of chocolates melted in a bed. This brought disgust on the lovers awaking in the morning.

Bent Banana with Blackie was called to enter the circle to remind them of a past photo where a considerable amount of wine was consumed.  A down down was delivered to these long standing runners.

Weekly calls on Laurent to enter the circle to give a brief history of his past life. Laurent mentions he is a maintenance officer for a block of units and was introduced to the hash group by Arse Nic. Before arriving on the Gold Coast, he was living in France.  A down down followed to welcome the new hasher.

POW.   Sir Jo reminds and cautions Brutus, that he has a long term memory. Calls on KB, Fanny Charmer and Wrong Way. As there is no desertion of mates by leaving early will be tolerated, Fanny Charmer was awarded the POW.  A down down as punishment was delivered.

GM reminds runners to book and pay for the pending Car Rally. Only 9 places left.

Also there is a meeting for hierarchy on Wednesday 9.30am, 20th February 2019 at Main Beach surf club.

Please do not to forget the “Last Hooray” at Southport RSL Club.

Miss Carriage mentions he will be arranging a day on the green. Date is Saturday 9th June 2019. All are welcome.

Brutus and S- Bends tells jokes which  brings laughter to the runners.


Next weeks run.  This will be organised by Blue Card on the 25th February 2019.

Winston Churchill quote.     “Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.”

9.0 pm. Foxtrot Oscar closed the circle.

On On Sec.   FA





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