Run 2156…Blue Card & Bent Banana

Date: 25th February 2019……………………….
Location: Highland Park ……………………….

Run Pictures

8.30 pm.  GM Weekly opened the circle in his normal attire as Churchill and thanks Blue Card for the use of his residence for tonights run.

Visitors and returning runners.   These were Jig Saw and Now Loved. Botcho awarded the down down.

Walk report.   GM decided to give the walk report. He said it was well marked and all walkers stayed on the trail. The walkers on the way  back meet up with man and Two Dogs. He had a-lot to say and kept the runners back by talking to them. No not, Two Dogs, the Man with two dogs on the trail.

Run report.  Led by Blackie with Bent Banana mentioning that there was a tunnel to go through. Not a bad run of 59 minutes and approx. 6.3 km of up and down hill trail.

Food report. This consisted of piping hot chicken pot stew with generous amounts of well cooked white rice. After the meal there was ice cream with soft cake. All agreed it was a welcomed nosh. This was followed by a down down to Blue Card by Rug.

S-Bends, our booze master receives a 50th run cap presented by the GM. The birthday Boyz were Hard On and Slug, and a in true tradition received a birthday chorus and a down down. Many thanks for the cold  birthday beers. S- Bends receives another down down for his excellent booze master duties.

RA report.   There is a charge from the floor by Misscarriage. He requests all the Kiwis into the circle. These are Botcho and Sweat Hog. After a friendly chat and teasing they were down downed.

A joke about a bird that was sold dead did not Cheep. Mad Mike and Truckie was praised on  sterling efforts in arranging the car rally next month.

Truckie was called into the circle to explain why there was a “no show” for breakfast on Wednesday. Blab, Blab, blab etc.  A down down was delivered.

A further floor charge was directed at Fanny Charmer. It is mentioned that there is a first duty towards the GM and bad remarks is punished by a full down down.

The RA tells a story about a fellow aviation friend just before his weeding day. The friends new wife has four children and another one one the way for good performance and reward. We wish them well.

POW.  Fanny Charmer calls S-Bends, Hard On,FA, and Rug into the circle. These runners were trying to become the new political party. Fanny Charmer turns his attention to Oscar Foxtrot and presents the  POW trophy to him as he was silent and not taking any sides.

GM and S-Bends advises that there is only four seats left to attend the Southport Speakeasy function. It was also requested that all out standing AGPU trophies need to be returned before the

next  AGPU in April 2019.

Next weeks run.  By Caustic in Eleonora.

Winston Churchill quote of the week.  “Never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty-never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.”

9.0 pm.  Circle closed by Ice Man.

Have fun times.  Never crush your beer cans. Phone a absent friend.

On On Sec.   FA

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