Run 2158…Sweat Hog

Date: 11th March 2019………………………….
Location: Ashmore ……………………………….

Run Pictures

The number 41 took a significant role at this run. There were 41 hashers in attendance and during the morning, the hares core body temperature would have been in the vicinity of 41 as he lived up to his name by becoming a real Sweat Hog as he toughed it out setting the run/walk in the oppressive heat on this hot Monday.
Truckie had the venue set up early and the pack set off together before the walkers went north and the runners east towards Crestwood. The run proceeded along a pretty rough patch of vegetation surrounded by a barb wire fence well sprayed in graffiti.
Iceman decided to get rid of some body fluids under a tree and after feeling revitalised, he sprinted back onto the track and cheered on by Sir Prince Valiant he was absolutely flying until he went down like a stunned mullet as he went arse over turkey on a low stump/ root configuration where he lost a bit of bark off his arm.
Swollen Colon in the unusual role of tail end Charlie at the back of the pack told Rug and myself that he had some good inside oil from the hare that the trail went left down Olsen Avenue towards the GC University near Bunnings despite the well marked check showing the trail went right.
So that was end of Swollen Colon for the night until he emerged back at the venue. Meanwhile the pack crossed the road, continued past the Catholic Church precinct and a tour of the back streets of Ashmore before heading for home.
Cheese and crackers and birthday beers from KB, approaching the big 70, were available as the first course before spaghetti bolognaise and a massive KB home made rum and cherry flavoured gateaux cake topped off with ice-cream was served as dessert. The well iced beers were a gluten free Hahn Crisp and everybody enjoyed the taste of these new type of beers.
When the GM talks everybody either listens or talks over him , but sooner a later the circle is ready to go. First up were the returners and visitors with Kwakka and Shat back from NZ, Magician from his Africa/Europe committee sanctioned junket, Two Streets from Melbourne and Pizza who had popped out to get some milk/bread and just happened to have a boot full of hash haberdashery to give away as well and some smuggled in wine for his consumption..
Shat gave a the GM a small white volcanic pebble he had smuggled in past Border Security of both NZ and Aust and the Magician presented an Elon Musk produced by-product space blanket as a present. KB enjoyed the walk with assistance from his GPS and Iceman, despite his tumble enjoyed the well marked run. Sir Ferret who a few lashings of the spaghetti nosh declared it to be very good.
The RA told a joke about statues and pigeon shitting before calling for charges and Swollen Colon attempted to get back at the hare for misinformation about the direction of the trail but it backfired on him as Sweat Hog insisted he told him it was right turn at the Bunnings check. The GM advised he had a good time at The Eagles concert where he wore his Hash Comm Games shirt which aroused the interest of some Eagles groupies.
Caustic Crusader keen to offload the POW settled on Magician for various reasons. Firstly for trying to flog off a freebie gas shower on E Bay he had got off Blue Card then for his jet setting lifestyle while regularly absent from his hash committee role during the year. Magician claims that the sanctioned gig he had been on involved partying with the battlers in St  Moritz while getting some ideas for entertainment for the upcoming AGPU.
Throw in some experimentation by the Magician involving testing the G spot of his pussy, it was a bit hard for anyone else to get close to his wrap sheet.
Sir Prince Valiant told of the passing of hasher by the name of Terry Cuskelly who seemed to have the unusual reverse Midas touch of turning real estate into cash and then into alcohol consumption. A few hashers reluctant to come into the circle to claim their left over property were soon discovered and out came Pepi and Arsenic for a down down.
Next Monday (18th) is the St Patrick’s Day themed run starting near the Sundale Bridge boat ramp. Don’t forget to bring your Go Card for travel between destinations and some spare cash.There is vacancy for a hare on 25 March due to Elvis going on tour again.
Due to ongoing issues with Brexit, there were no ex British PM Churchill quotes. Times have certainly changed since the Poms and Krauts were bombing each other but there is obviously still a bit of bad shit going on between them in modern times.
Fox Trot was invited to close the circle to bring the evenings proceedings to an end.
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