Run 2205… Brewtus

Date: 3rd February 2020…………….      …..
Location: Mermaid Waters …………………….
Runners:35 …………………………………………….

Run Pictures

Hashers gathered at the Jim Slorach Park in Mermaid Waters with lightning on the horizon and storm threatening. The trailer was positioned near the shelter and a row of tables and chairs was set out just outside the shelter. The hare Brewtus promised no hills, and set us off south along Alec Ave, then west along Karbunya St. We cut through Helm Court Park and went alongside the canal to Sunshine Blvd.

We crossed over into Cruiser Court, through Ossie Keegan Park, then right on Bowline Rd. Hung a left on Oceanic, through the roundabout into Pizzey Drive alongside the tennis courts. We turned left into Bardon Ave, then north of the lake to Sonia St, we cut through the shopping centre at Waterways to on home. About 45 minutes, runners went furtherThere were a few drops of rain as the chicken wings appetiser was being prepared. The large trees sheltered us from the sprinkling of rain. Then out came the beef hot dogs, bread rolls, green leaves and relish. No plate needed, but you got sticky fingers.

Ended up with a mud cake and ice cream. KB doing a grand job helping Brewtus, in dishing out and making sure there was portion control at all times. Brewtus had packed everything away, when Ball Point turns up very late. Brewtus took everything out again and Ball Point had the last three hot dogs.

Thunder and lightning was increasing with heavier spots of rain, the large trees were not providing much of a shelter any more, so everyone crowded under the shelter, some sitting on the benches and others standing behind the benches. GM struggled to get onto the table, and managed to stand upright at the centre

K2KY Jelly was asked for a run report. He said it was a nice run, but no sweeper. S-Bends gave a walk report and said it was well marked. He gave the first part 10/10 and the second part 0/10 making an average of 5/10. He suggested K2KY Jelly be appointed sweeper for the runners.

HalAl gave a food report, very nice, keep it simple. 8/10

HalAl got a birthday down down.

Returning runner was Ball Point who recounted good hashing with the Mozambique H3, but there were girls. He brought back a gift for the GM, hidden away in a basket, he took out Penis Dodger’s panties, and explained that he had to take them off her without using his hands.

RA gave a few stories about the Friday lunch, the burning BBQ hose, singed hairs on his arms as he turned off the gas. Weekly gave a brief report on the golf trophy and added to the lunch stories.

RA gave Jigsaw a down down for losing his phone, Truckie joined him for commenting on the burning BBQ hose.

Ferrett was the Prick of the Week, and nominated Botcho for the BBQ hose fire, Fanny Charmer for saying it was a shit run and shit food, but the POW went to Ball Point for coming late and having the hare take out all the food again.

Ball Point had a charge and called out AH for being a Brit and leaving the EU, some sort of Rule Britannia was sung.

Arse Nic announced the Gambling Night.

GM updated hashers on condition of Rock Hard saying that he had a change of medication that was exhausting him. He requested no phone calls at this time. We wish him well with the new medication when it comes.

Ball Bags announced his run in two weeks. Ball point announced his special run next week. See website for details.

Blackie closed the circle.

On on,

Mad Mike

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