Run 2206… Ballpoint

Date: 10th February 2020…………….      …..
Location: Nerang …………………….
Runners:38 …………………………………………….

Run Pictures

Mad Mike – Guest Scribe

 Ballpoint at Nerang State Forest

Rain threatened

 It had been threatening rain all day and I wondered how many hashers would turn up, especially knowing the perils of Nerang State Forest, and Ball Point’s evil genius in setting runs. However, when I got to the shelter at the Tom Rose Park, I was astounded to see that so many hashers were already there by 6:00 pm.

At 6:15 the hare, Ball Point, called the pack together to explain that he had received a phone call from the GM advising not to go up the mountain as the conditions were treacherous. The hare explained that, even though he had to mark out the trail four times, he was happy to change it to a more civilised circuit. He took out a bag of flour and drew out a circle, with what looked like an H in the middle, and explained that the trail was marked in flour. He explained that the runners would have a bit of the lower forest area to come home, and then set everyone off along the park entrance road.

There was thunder in the distance, and still the threat of rain as we all set of along Wandin Street. The runners went on ahead, and when we got to the junction of Wandin Street and Reeves Street, we saw the signs for runners to the left and walkers to continue along Wandin Street. It started to drizzle slightly and noticed walkers returning. They had not seen any signs when they got to the end of the road. One of the house owners gave permission for us to go through his property to the trail across the creek, but wisely, we decided to turn back and go back to the junction. There we gathered around to decide what to do next, there were no marking, no sweeper, no map. It was only 15 minutes into the walk, some just wanted to get back to the shelter, while others decided to follow the runners trail along Reeves Street and make it a bit more of the walk. We continued to the junction with Billabirra Crescent, and then decided to head home. By this time it was raining and we were all soaking wet after a 40 minute walk.

After a quick change of t-shirt we gathered around one of the tables where the hare had nibbles of chilli humus, Arabic bread and carrots. Cum Smoke planted himself in front of the bowl and gradually went through it. Birthday beers were put on hold until the runners returned.

An hour after the runners set off, we could hear voices in the forest and see glimmers of flashlights. All those in the shelter faced the forest, and called out, shone flashlights back into the forest to help guide the runners back home. Finally they came crashing through the bush, thankfully in a pack into the shelter after 70 minutes out there, so no search parties required. While they changed from their wet gear, the hare was busy preparing a second batch of nibbles. He set it on the table, and Cum Smoke promptly settled himself in front of the bowl again, much to the jeers of hashers. Truckie picked up the bowl, saying it was for the runners only, and circulated it to all runners.

Fanny was getting hungry; he was checking the two pots of couscous heating on the BBQ, and wondering if anything else was to come. Sure enough, out came another two pots of chicken tagine with chick peas. Ball Point was worried that with such a big turn out, would there be enough food, so dished out frugally. He was the only one not to have a piece of chicken. This was followed by baklava and ice cream.

GM called the circle at 8:25 and asked the hare into the centre. Sweathog gave a walk report, said it was a shit walk and gave it 4.5 out of 10. Nasty stepped in saying the walk was much better than that. Skyhook gave a run report and gave 8/10, Phantom gave a food report also 8/10. Missing Link gave a note.

Returning runners were Miscarriage, Flasher, VD. Shat was called in for interfering.

Birthday boys were Bent Banana and Ball Point. Slab gave a note.

The RA stepped in with a surgical mask, goggles and a cap saying he had to pick up Miscarriage from the airport from Cambodia, just in case the coronavirus was around. AH was called in for called Miscarriage Now Loved.

K2KY Jelly was given a down down for not having a torch on the run in such treacherous conditions. Rabbit gave a note.

Weekly normally drinks red wine, but this week he was observed drinking from a small bottle of NON alcoholic red wine. He was jumping up and down saying he was cheated. Cum Smoke gave a note.

The Prick of the Week was Ball Point, he stepped out in full regalia, and called out

  • Flasher for sending him a picture of non alcohol Heineken
  • Cum Smoke, a Tigers fan, and a hasher who drinks only cordial
  • Weekly for drinking the non alcoholic red wine, POW went to Weekly, Ball Point gave a note.

Sweathog announced new round of Lotto, and bank details to transfer $20

Hard On was brought in for not wearing hash gear, Kwakka gave a note.

Miscarriage presented GM with a brand new plastic chicken for his pole, must be about the eighth plastic chicken.

RA handed back to GM and called Arse Nic to announce the gambling night.

Mad Mike advised that there were a few on the Rally that had not paid.

Weekly handed the prize and engraved gold trophy to Fanny.


Bent Banana closed the circle at 9:00 pm.

On on,

Mad Mike



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