Run 2241…Hare Badger

Date: 15 th February 2021…………………..
Location: Hope Island…………………..

Runners: 32………………………………………….

Well the extravaganza this week was set all the way up on the northern end of the coast at Parasite Point otherwise known as the elephants graveyard.
Much to the consternation of the illustrious Hare “the Badge”a crowd of enormous numbers turned up for his event so much so that he was aghast that he would be short on food and hightailed it off to surrounding houses begging for scraps.
Runners and walkers hit it off together towards the river made a sharp right turn and it was on.
The topography in this part of the world is as flat as a shit Carters hat and so excessive speeds were recorded by the front running bastards.
As expected leading the runners in record time were the three amigos Rug, Circumference and the Magician who fed off each other peloton style to record this amazing feat.
The also-rans then started to dribble in lead by Hot Dick and company.
Ambling in at a very controlled pace were the obligatory walkers.
Now the food.
Entree consisted of rather generous cubes of cheese, thinly cut salami and oysters.
The Badge excelled even himself with enough quantities of chilli con carne to feed the whole assembled rabble.
Run report was given by Hot Dick Who described it as memorable with a few twists.
Score 8/10
Walk report delivered by Shat who described it as aimless with no twists. 8/10.
Charges were too numerous to mention however as expected Miss Carriage in his filthy orange hi viz outfit recounted the fate of Sir Valiant who got in his Rangie drove to Dubbo did a U-turn at the main roundabout and then drove back to the coast just so he could join the group at the run.
What a sacrifice.
Rowland Sol another epic and will be difficult to top this like next week.
On on.

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