September Splinter Lunch…Host Botcho

September Splinter Lunch


Location: Costa D’oro. Surfers Paradise

Host: Sir Botcho


Roving reporter Annie “Shiraz” Lane from the  ABC reporting on  “The Gold Coast Splinter Hash”

Well here I am again out and about with the Gold Coast Hash.

 Today was a special event!  I was invited along with Sir Botcho’s wife Cappaccino and other well dressed ladies to attend the September Splinter lunch.

Wow! This Splinter Lunch is certainly getting more popular each month…40 was the count. When questioned about the large number of attendees. Sir Rabbit the spokes person for the group, told me that I was the attraction and that boys just love a bit of eye candy.

The girls were in fine form knocking  back the reds in keeping with the Splinter Lunch tradition… never leave any wine behind.

Sir Botcho  was celebrating his 70th apparently!! I myself would not have him a day over 69 plus a few days perhaps. LOL

Cappuccino returned from the kitchen with a magnificent Birthday cake with only one candle for him to blow out. The call came out from some over lubricated Hasher  ” put more candles on the cake” Another Hasher called out speech! speech ! You always have something to say Sir Botcho, and we have trouble keeping you quiet on Monday nights.

The few times that I have had the pleasure to chat with Sir Botcho I have found him a reserved polite person with not much to say at all. He responded to the call outs with a simple thankyou. What a gentlemen.

I was told by Flasher, these names have me bloody confused! (got his naming after being caught flashing his arse on a run in Bancock I believe) that Sir Botcho’s  favourite saying is, “Why let the truth stand in the way of a good story.”

As the wine bottles were being emptied a call was made to move to the local Irish Pub for a few cleansing ales. No I! The pace is too much for me.


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  1. Botcho Post author

    Hi Boys. I have good news and bad. The good news is that I’ve be promoted to head office in Melbourne. The chief just love my reports on the hash Splinter Lunches! A big thankyou to you all for letting me be part of your lunches. The bad news is that this will be my last report.

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