Splinter Lunch November 2012

Splinter Lunch
Date:Friday 23rd November
Location: Flames, Surfers Paradise
Host: Nasty

Twentyfour Hashers gather at Flames for another action filled afternoon. Our host Nasty was the only late starter, making a grand entry at about 2:15 after most had polished off a bottle of red and a few cleansing ales, Apparently he has taken up film editing and the final take took a little longer than expected.

Eye candy was at it’s best with the Schoolies in town. Truck Tyres was like a boy in a candy store.

The food was not up to our usual standard but the wine and company was second to none.
Dicky Knee made the long trip down from Gladstone. His detective services were required by Flasher to help him solve how the money in the top of his wine cooler bag vanished and replaced with packets of salt and pepper.

He had a bit of trouble at Lansdown Road convincing the bar maid that salt and pepper was legal tender when trying to pay for his beer.

Botcho and others saw the funny side, but not our little mate Flasher.

On the way home with Mrs Bouncer behind the wheel it was suggested that he check inside his cooler bag. Behold!! The lost money was in the bottom of his bag. ‘
Pure Magic.
Apparently, Grand Master, Bent Banana was so impressed with the magic that he has hired Vaso to perform more party tricks at the Hash Christmas Party.

Dicky Knee is still investigating, but is baffled by the skill of the said magician.
Once again a great day out was had by all.
Sir Slab is our Host for the December Lunch on Friday 28th December. D’Arcys Arms in Surfers will be the venue.

Byo wine, no corkage. Numbers are needed for this big day out.

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2 thoughts on “Splinter Lunch November 2012

  1. Caustic

    For once I cannot be blamed for this heineous crime and I have sympathy with you flasher !!

    An unprovoked “Nasty” trick which was obviously pre-meditated ! Where was your protection from the GM ??

    Flasher you have to stand up for yourself !!

    On On CC

  2. Flasher

    The Hash founders ( all English gentlemen) will be turning in their graves to read that Hashers can now steal money from another Hasher and it be considered funny…..

    To steal another Hashers ‘drink money’ and force him to go begging to other Hashers so he can pay for his drink is not Hash like…….if you think it is, then it will be OK for Hashers to go rummaging around in Hash bags left at run sites looking for money and replacing it with grass cuttings or what ever!!

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