Run 1829

Run 1829

Date : 19th November 2012
Hare : Pizza
Venue : Bundall
Runners: 34

Late apologies from Rectum, who has this old fashion belief that’s its more important to make a quid than to spend quality time jogging with your mates and being entertained by Pizza, whilst slowly getting pissed.

Well he does have one wife, two high-maintenance teenage daughters and large fuel bills to support, so maybe he does have a point. However the real reason seemed to be that he had to work another 16 hr day because his offsider “Linksey” was called home early to deliver one hash trailer for today’s hare.

THE RUN: Despite it being another Pizza RUN a big crowd of 33 turned up for the event. So he does have pulling power. The group gathered beside Racecourse Rd Ashmore and listened rather apprehensively to the hare’s confusing guidance; something about following arrows that point away and then towards you on the return.

The trail set off south then East through the Domayne and Harvey Norman complex, out to a 3 way check which led down Ashmore Road and then took a turn North up Bemuda St. The only place of interest was a check back where a few ladies of the night sat around in their undies having a fag until their next guests arrived.

When they spotted the first few heavy breathing hounds looking through the back gate, they quickly provided directions to the front door, when party-pooper Flasher broke their hearts by stating we were only a few lost joggers and couldn’t help out. Someone pointed out that the missing in action Veteran may be inside collecting his raffle prize as it must be due to expire about now.

The trail continued north until the Chevron Island bridge. “No” it wouldn’t go across the bridge someone screamed as there was no coming back. Flasher went across to scout it out and as he didn’t return the other FRB’s Botcho, Myself, Iceman and Riceman went across.

We were very doubtful as time spent running was already 20 mins and to turn left would head towards home and the earlier statement about maybe having to run against the arrows did cross our minds. Nevertheless in true hash form we headed east and there was no sigh of a check back. The trail went into Surfers and after a spin around there, and terrorizing a few schoolies, it seemed to disappear.

Despite wise counsel from Botcho to head back the way we came, Iceman convinced us to finish the Run and head south towards Broadbeach and back over the Isle of Capri bridge. And that’s what we did, taking us just under the hour. In the meantime the walkers, the Pizza supporters on the evening and a few runners who took the easy (& smart) route went to Pizza’s parlour and enjoyed several free black ales. Lucky bastards!

THE NOSH: A collection of frozen vegetables and a smell of mince beef was served as an entre. It was followed by a collection of frozen vegetables, but more beef as a mains. A dish which he served up some time back, with the only difference being this time he didn’t do his naked chef act and left his clothes on. When I spotted a hound take one bite and throw his entrée on the grass, my reservations about gourmet food being served up were confirmed. After some time a vanilla ice cream container appeared with two bottles of flavoured sauce. Well it cost less than $100 all up I heard Pizza say.

We should have known better, with fond memories of last weeks (Slab & Valiant) banquet lingering in our minds.

THE CIRCLE: Because of the seating arrangements provided the hounds aged over 60 (& 70) were permitted to remain seated, which suited Moonbeams and Ferret. The GM welcomed all and thanked them for coming and presented down downs:

Hares: Pizza, BOG & The Senator. Not a great report for the Run, unless you needed to do some training, and worse comments for the food. Caustic did not at all like the entrée and Ferret described the mains as a collection of boiled cardboard reheated on the BBQ with heaps of garlic but all kinds of herbs and sauces missing.

He thought he acted over generously in awarding it a -1. Well after all Ferret is one of Pizzas great admirers!

Returners & Visitors: Rsup, Short Circuit, Little dog, Bushy, Phantom, Captain, BOG and The Senator, from various travels and three coming from Doncaster Hash in Victoria; Pizzas old stomping ground.

The RA awarded:
Sir Prince: for his unwelcomed suggestion of “Get a real Job to the RA” and then to 90% of all hashers.
Missing Link: something about his poor motoring skills and his unwelcomed comment of “Get Fu$@ed you Cu%&s”.

Caustic Crusader: got pissed on vodka at Missing Links after lunch at Darcy Arms and trying to drag his fiancée down some telecom hole because he was feeling horny and in the mood, during his moonlight walk home.

Blue Card: POW by Kwakka for his unusual display of character, rarely observed in a hasher, by not finding fault with two worthy recipients Rsup and Now Loved.

BOG: for 3 short and funny jokes.


There will be the usual Run on the Gold Coast 15/12 as it appears only a small group plus Cumsmoke will be attending the Red Dress Run in Brisbane. The run will be for a great cause and should be a fun night – see the flyer if you can support the Salvos $$$.

Apologies from Blackie & Rectum.
Price inflation will start 1/12/12 for those who wish to attend the Nash Hash in Brisbane in May next year and have yet to sign up. Price will increase from $350 to $450. Total registrations to date: 407.

Aussie finally distributed the winnings for the Hash Melbourne Cup sweep, with Flasher having collected first prize. Thanks Aussie.
VD has volunteered to stand in for Head Job next week and the Run will be somewhere in Burleigh Heads – check the web for details.

Don’t forget the Hash 2012 Gala Event at Flavors@Ferry The Brickworks on evening of 1 December. Most have signed up, but final numbers required next Monday.

Hash Cocktail Party Details
Moonbeams closed the circle at 2120.

Thanks Pizza for another night of fun, bringing along lots of guests, shit food and your generously sponsored beer stop.

All the above is the gospel truth, as remembered by St. Peter aka Bent Banana

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