January Splinter Lunch

Run: January Splinter Lunch


Location: Helensvale

Host: Botcho


There was movement on the course, for the word had passed around

That a filly from Surfers Paradise had got awaymontana

And was about to join the Splinter Hashers –

All had tried to catch her eye before  and came from far and wide for another try. Hawkeye and Parasite arrived from Brisbane and boasted they could catch an eye.

For the Hashers loved a challenge – and game on was called

Clubs where swinging and balls where rolling with no delights in sight




Fuller Shit tried offering her a ride on his battery powered steer

But a photograph was all he could bare








Flasher tried, and pulled up a chair- and called out over here my dear





now loved

Now Loved tried – but he was too slow











Show Pony applied the charm and came near







Botcho called out to Vomit- bring on the food mate. A Gourmet Nosh may be the way to catch an eye. The food was great  and came close to winning a heart.





All seemed to be lost until Sir Rabbit jumped on to a chair the crowd roared as Sir Rabbit revealed the score.










Moonbeams called out for more







the boys




The boys in the back row shout “show us you tits”







Weekly was amazed at the trophy that sir Rabbit was about to award.

The trophy came out, frame and all.









Sir Prince Called out

“Now that’s what I call a trophy”










It was all too much for Rug who had a little nap and had a dream about it all.









Shat made a late run to catch her eye and heart but always found a glass in his mouth.





What a great day. Oh bye the way!! Crocodile, Weekly and Nasty won the Golf.

pics rabbit image

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