Run 1804

Run: 1804
Date: Monday 28th May 2012
Hare: Cumagain
Venue: The Observatory, Reedy Creek
Runners: 23

Weeks to AGPU: ONE F.CKING WEEK!!!!!

Normally this would be the final writing of the words by yours truly. However this is no normal Hierarchy and in fact one that has stood heads and shoulders above the rest and has constantly provided the extraordinary. Thus we will continue into next week to provide the final chapter of this great reign and no doubt enter the Hash realms as the greatest Hierarchy in this Hash’s history.

Enough humble words and time to get back to this week’s run at the heights of Reedy Creek, otherwise known as The Observatory, and for very good reasons given the nose bleeding heights endured to reach the summit. The windy cold day had now turned further for the worst as the rain loomed towards the band of 23 runners who had assembled under the shelter, shivering and wishing for the fire of last week. KB and the Hare could only conjure life into the nearby BBQ, which sadly provided little relief.

The Hare set us on our way into the light drizzle which, had now appeared on cue, and he advised the walkers to do their best as no independent trail had been set. The problem with starting at the top of the hill is that one must venture downhill before at some stage returning to the top. And so it was as the adventurous pack descended down the first of many hills, then on right into the bush path following one of many fence lines. It is a hard trail to describe as each bush section appeared the same as the previous and each road section and adjoining roundabout also resembled the past one.

But so it was as we zig zagged back and forth through bush paths, fence lines, hills, more hills and yet more hills. The rain came and went as the well-marked trail started to disappear under the increasingly wet conditions.

There were plenty of checks but the Hare, on his trusty push bike, kept the pack moving as the trail kept fading. We finally emerged where we thought we were but not really and were advised by the Hare to run down the hill, turn left at the roundabout and then just follow your nose home. The problem was he forgot to mention the last leg was about 3 kilometres.

Somehow, eagle eye and front runner, Rectum, kept finding the fading arrows and kept the front runners on trail (even Flasher stayed in touch). However a few further back found the going tough and the stand in GM, Josephine, and another Hierarchy member, Botulism, got lost. After all had got home and had now retreated to the welcome warmth of Cumagain’s garage he figured he’d better hop in his car and go find the missing elite members. Fortunately they soon emerged though from the opposite direction and all was well.

Being the last week of nominations for Hierarchy positions before the AGPU, the pack were circling for favouritism. Even Veteran had broken away from his busy schedule as president of everything he can be president of in order to make a tilt at another term. Sir Cumference had just secured his multi-million dollar settlement from his deck accident in Robina and instead of buying a new yacht at the boat show selflessly bought new winter wear for the entire Hash. Nasty had come good with Crownies for his birthday and had even changed his flights from yet another trip to ensure he could be around. By the way, any resemblance to reality with the above mentioned stories is just a fluke.

The nosh consisted of a good feed of curried snags and rice followed by ice cream dessert. Nasty gave it a “well done” remarking what a good effort for $50 – 7/10. Swollen gave a long report on the run saying “it was well marked, lots of hills, rough underfoot, good under difficult conditions, 7/10”. Sadly, losing the stand in GM and Botulism cost him half a mark for poor directions finishing with a 6.5/10.

However Flasher was the talk of the night with his derogatory comments about the Splinter Lunch venue posted on the actual morning of the lunch, allegedly spooking a couple of potential starters. Accordingly Flasher was given the POW as well as another down down just because he deserved it. Well done to Cumagain for a top night at the top of the Gold Coast.

Down Downs:
Cumagain: Hare
Sir Cumference: Provision of “settlement” gifts

Nasty: Birthday boy and Crownies provided, thanks

KB, Blue Card: Drinking two Crownies, thus depriving 3 Hierarchy of their rations

Flasher: Posting derogatory comments of Splinter Lunch venue, morning of lunch

Flasher: POW (by Kwayka) for above mentioned deplorable act

Truck Tyre: Mobile going off in circle (twice)

Carefree: Visitor

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