Run 1806

Run 1806

Date : 11th June 2012

Hare : Botcho

Venue : Hotel Botcho

Runners 16

Weeks to AGPU – who cares

Welcome to the inaugural run of the newly selected hierarchy, this week commencing from Hotel Botcho in the heart of sunny Helensvale.

As 5pm arrived a small group of hardcore runners and walkers gathered under a grey sky and pondered just how long it would be before the heavens opened again. Despite a dismal day, the hare refused to submit to the weather and rather conscientiously decided to re-set the course an hour before kick off.

Leaving the strong magnetic pull of a scorching pizza oven, the pack set off up Parkes Drive and started on the first of many checks; these helped immensely in keeping the pack together and ensured more front runners than this years F1 competition. Even Cum Smoke made an appearance at the front (maybe he thought it was a food queue).

The well-marked trail wove us around anti-clockwise, in a large circle which emerged at the park; almost opposite our start point, and led us home. Not surprisingly, Flasher took the opportunity to avoid the last check-back and short cut home. (Start the year as you mean to go on).

A nice steady run to start the year, just over 30 minutes, which, considering the conditions was just what the doctor had ordered.

After an entrée of dips and chips the comfort food arrived – home made mash (with herbs) and a steaming Chicken botchiatore with peppers and olives. The descending curtain of silence suggested the vast majority approved. Numerous extra servings later (I had to stop at six) the circle was convened to allow time for the dessert to finish baking.

RA and stand-in GM, Circumference, opened the circle and invited Jigsaw to comment on the run. This was described as well marked despite having had to be set late and scored at 7.2/10

Amidst howls of protest, Cum Smoke complained about broken chips and his dislike of olives, concluding with a hash nosh score of 1.2/10 . He was rightly sat on the cold tiles in the middle of the circle by the GM and told to stay.

Down Downs –

Cum Smoke – berating food

Cum Smoke – arguing with GM

Jigsaw – on behalf of previous hierarchy and for being a ‘Stealth Bomber”

Flasher – sitting on Sir Rabbits knee with his arm around him (Rule #1?)

Jigsaw – sins of previous hierarchy (making Caustic sit on a pigs snout)

Flasher – using ‘pensioner’ excuse to get off traffic infringement

Cum Smoke – refusing to re-evaluate food score (“even earthquakes get higher

than that” – GM)

POW – Unable to be given as recipient not in attendance, so down downs to

reigning POW, Flasher and Botcho who will be proxy POW next week.

Next weeks run Jigsaw at Carrara.

Thanks to Botcho for the effort and the food gets a 7.5/10

Finally a big thank you to last years hierarchy, who all put in 110% effort throughout the year, well not you Swollen or Veteran but to the rest of you

Well done.

It seems that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword (or ice)

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