The Caustic Party

team causticDear Fellow Hashers

I am pleased to announce my electoral mandate upon which I will stand

  1. Icing will become normal weekly events!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Down Downs will become more prevalent and will NOT remain “ginger beer” mouthwashes
  3. All rule 1 infringements will not be tolerated
  4. I’m not a racist I just hate them all about covers it !!!!
  5. Subs will go up to cover weekly Hierarchy dinners and entertainment AKA Craig Thomson
  6. Walkers will be treated as a sub class of Hash and will have no rights!
  7. We will not hire midget waitresses specially for Flasher and The Chipmunks
  8. Wall-flowers and non-participation will not be tolerated
  9. Runs set in Labrador will not be tolerated
  10. Lazy BASTARD Hashers will not be tolerated
  11. All Hashers will be required to recruit a minimum of 1 new Hasher per year
  12. Buses will be provided for any special Hash Hierarchy event (subject to my booking fee “kick-back”)
  13. AGPU 2015 will be on 1st April 2015 (I am adopting the 10 month year)
  14. Pizza will give my speeches

The new Hierarchy will be on a first in best job, so don’t hesitate contact me NOW!! nominating your position choice¬† on “The Caustic Team” for 2014-2015 year.

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